BlooSwitch (formerly Switcheroo)

BlooSwitch is a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy control platform you can use to upgrade existing products, enabling direct smartphone control. Or use it to quickly develop your own smartphone controlled projects!

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Have you ever thought it would be cool to control things around you with your smartphone? With the BlooSwitch, it’s easy! Pretty much anything with a button that’s meant to be pushed by a human, and even some stuff that isn’t, can be upgraded with the BlooSwitch! You can use this tiny Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy platform to upgrade existing products to enable direct smartphone control, or use it to develop your own smartphone controlled projects.

Upgrade your stuff with BlooSwitch control

instructables_logoWe have some simple projects posted to Instructables that walk you through just how easy it can be to upgrade various devices with the BlooSwitch, and there’s more to come!

Get the Android app for your BlooSwitch!