ProxLF antenna for the Proxmark3 RDV4

The ProxLF antenna is finally here! Designed exclusively for use with the Proxmark3 RDV4, this 125kHz “LF” antenna is so powerful, it can talk to our 125kHz implants like the xEM and NExT from 2cm away! In some cases it can even talk to the xEM while it is still inside the injection assembly needle! GET IT!

More Details



More Details

Our 125kHz x-series implants like the xEM and NExT contain the T5577 chip, which is capable of emulating many different types of 125kHz ID chips including EM41xx, EM42xx, HID ProxCard, Indala, AWID, and others. However the T5577 chip does not support tear protection, so if you attempt to change the configuration of the T5577 without a good coupling (i.e. a good matching antenna on the reader), it’s possible to “brick” the chip so it will not communicate properly. Take heart! The ProxLF is specially designed with a cylindrical inductor that shapes the lines of magnetic flux to perfectly couple with the small cylindrical antennas inside our x-series chip implants!

ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH RDV4The ProxLF antenna is specifically designed for use with the RDV4 version of the Proxmark3 open source diagnostic tool. The design of the RDV4 version of Proxmark3 allows for modular antennas, which places the tuning capacitors of the antenna network on the antenna module. All other Proxmark3 units, including the “Easy” version we sell, do not have modular inductor antennas. It is not possible to use the ProxLF antenna with any other version of Proxmark3 except the RDV4 version, and we are no longer bundling the RDV4 version or carrying it in inventory.