xEM Access Controller

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  • Can store up to 20 different tag IDs in memory
  • Works with any 125kHz EM41xx/EM4200 tags
  • Fully compatible with our xEM tags (in EM mode)
  • 12v DC operation – great for automotive projects!


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This plug and play xEM Access Controller can read and store xEM tag IDs (in EM mode) as well as work with other 125kHz EM41xx/EM4200 based tags, keyfobs, access cards, etc. It can store up to 20 unique tag IDs, and includes a master control tag used to add new tags and erase tags from memory. When an authorized tag is presented to the reader, the OUT line puts out +12v for as long as the authorized tag is held over the antenna.

xEM Access Controller Details

  • Operates on +12v DC power
  • Reads EM4200 (EM4102 compatible) 125kHz 64bit tags
  • Store up to 20 RFID tags in the authorized tag list
  • Two keyfob tags and a master programmer tag included
  • 2.1″ x 1.3″ cylindrical antenna (works great with cylindrical glass tags)
  • Antenna connected to controller by 20″ cable for easy installation
  • Controller encased in automotive grade 4 1/8″ x 2 1/8″ plastic box
  • Red “authorized tag” indicator LED connected by 40″ wire
  • Black plastic panel mount/holder for LED included
  • Draws 11mA idle, 48mA reading authorized tags (no load on OUT line)

Wiring, Programming, and Operation

xEM Access Controller Wiring & Operation
Programming the xEM Access Controller