Dangerous KBR1 (ISO14443A)

  • No driver USB HID keyboard device
  • Read any ISO14443A tag UID as keyboard input
  • Use tag UID as quick easy computer login
  • Excellent read performance with the xNT, xM1+, flexNT, and flexDF!


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The Dangerous Keyboard Reader 1 acts like a USB HID (Human Interface Device) keyboard. No drivers. No nonsense. Just plug in the KBR1 and UIDs read from any ISO14443A tag are sent to the host as keyboard input. The UID will be “typed” into whatever application has focus. Want to collect tag UIDs in a spreadsheet? Simple! Want a quick, uncomplicated way to log into your computer with your implant? Easy! Oh and did I mention the KBR1 gets excellent range with our xNT, xM1+, flexNT, and flexDF transponders!

A fun video!

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