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We have over 14 years of RFID & NFC implant expertise

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification RFID and NFC are contactless technologies used by access cards at your office and contactless payment in stores.
We pioneered implantable RFID & NFC so you can do amazing things like open doors and log in with just a wave of your hand!
Expert icon We’re experts in implantable RFID and NFC devices. Our founder implanted his first chip in March 2005 and wrote the book on RFID.
What can your implant do?

Replace keys with chip implant

Replace your keys

Replacing your house keys with a chip implant is easy!

Replace your passwords

There are several ways an implant can be used to replace various passwords.

Share contact details

Share your digital business card with someone by having them scan your implant with their NFC smartphone!
more things your implant can do

Link your medical data

One day, emergency doctors may be able to scan your VivoKey Spark or VivoKey Flex One chip implant to instantly get your critical medical data. Right now, VivoKey is the only chip implant company working on medical applications.

Bitcoin on your chip implant

There are a few different strategies for storing Bitcoin and authorizing transactions with a chip implant. VivoKey is working on designer Bitcoin solutions for their VivoKey Spark and VivoKey Flex One chip implant products and should be available soon.

Replace transit tickets

As more transit companies become aware of chip implants, many are opting to integrate ticketing solutions. Commuters in Sweden can ride SJ national rail using our xNT or flexNT chip implants, and the VivoKey Flex One can be used to ride transit in Germany.
Why should you buy from us?

Money back guarantee

We like you and want you to be happy! Both with us and life in general 🙂

Lifetime warranty

All Dangerous Things chip implants have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Free shipping

Free shipping for all qualifying orders anywhere in the world! To find out more, click the button!
more reasons we'd make a great team

Amazing community

We have a vibrant and knowledgeable community of biohackers, electronics hobbyists, and coders ready to answer questions and offer suggestions.

Chip implant integration

Our NFC chip implants are compatible with all NFC enabled smartphones and NFC compliant readers. Ensuring your safety is our top priority, but enabling useful integration of chip implants with hardware, software, and processes is our next priority.

Which chip should I get?

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