About Us

We believe our bodies are our own, to do with what we want. The “socially acceptable” of tomorrow will be defined by boundaries pushed today, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

Amal Graafstra, Founder – Pioneer of the DIY RFID implantation movement, Amal has been helping hobbyists and biohackers explore RFID technology since implanting his first tag in 2005. Since then, he has authored the book RFID Toys, spoken at various venues including hacker clubs, TEDx, and a number of universities. He has also co-authored a peer reviewed research paper on the subject of DIY RFID implantee subculture for the ISTAS 2010 symposium on technology and society.
Morgan Redfield, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering – Morgan Redfield, electrical engineer by training and temperament, has been doing dangerous things with electricity from a very young age. His past ventures include designing communications systems for satellites, developing safety systems for non-invasive surgical robots, and teaching robotics and electronics. He received his MsEE from the University of Washington in 2013, and is driven by the desire to use technology and science to help people become happier, healthier, and more capable.
Brian K. White, Business Development – Brian has overseen some of the biggest online viral projects dating back to 2007, and he’s worked up our marketing strategies and promotional materials as of 2014. He has undergone at least five body-mods, and he’s proud to be part of this project.
Dana Burnidge, Industry Liaison – Piercing professional Dana Burnidge has performed thousands of piercing procedures since 2008, and has co-developed several products including Piercing Potion and Gorilla Gauge. His work and insights have appeared in Klipsun Magazine, Body Piercing News, The Western Front, various Ezines, and blogs. We believe that professional piercers and body modification artists are a vital asset to the biohacker community. Their ability to perform safe, sterile, professional installation services for biohackers around the world makes building our professional partner network a critical aspect of our business. Dana serves as our link to the world of professional piercing and body modification artists.
Anita Fowler, Community & Communications -Anita Fowler is obsessed with trying to figure things out. She worked in human rights advocacy and outreach before she switched gears to try to save the world with science. She believes knowledge is for everyone and has a deep interest in personal growth and improvement, which inevitably lead her to biohacking and she became involved in citizen science projects, nootropics, implants, and other hacks. Her passion to acquire knowledge and understand the world inspired us to take Anita on as our first ever intern. Shortly after, became the Community Outreach Liaison for Dangerous Things.

Dangerous Things is located in the greater Seattle area