Augmenting yourself with a chip implant

Getting a chip implant is a relatively simple act. Just like any body piercing, you get a little poke and it’s over in a few seconds. The chip is deposited just under the skin in the connective fascia tissue, and a simple bandage is applied. What you get though is a lifetime of giddy wonder every time you use it. I’ve have chips implanted in my hand since 2005 and I can tell you that still today, every time I use my implant to get into my front door, start my car, or do some other fantastical feat, I can’t help but feel like I’ve just performed a magic trick. The immense sense of freedom I get from using a part of me to, in essence, communicate with computers and electronics around me – it is absolutely worth a few seconds of discomfort for a lifetime of new capabilities.

Chip implant FAQ
Below are links to the various sections of our RFID & NFC transponder FAQ page. These are quite useful links that can answer most of questions you might have about RFID technology, chip installation, use cases, cloning chips, making payments with chip implants, etc.