Doug Copeland, excommunicado.

Doug Copeland
Until such time as this page is updated to state otherwise, Doug Copeland – aka Cooper Lee – is considered to be persona non grata and for all intents and purposes related to Dangerous Things, he is excommunicado. At this point in time, he is considered to be in possession of stolen Dangerous Things inventory.

  • Doug took possession of a large inventory order on August 19th 2019.
  • Months later, Doug reported no sales and made no payment toward the invoice.
  • Around late October 2019 we began coordinating a return of inventory.
  • Shortly after attempting to coordinate this return, Doug went silent.
  • Calls, emails, and DMs have all gone completely unacknowledged and unanswered.
  • Doug remains active on certain social media, however attempts to get a response from him have all failed.

At this point we can only assume that Doug has decided to steal our inventory and mis-represent his affiliation with Dangerous Things at events, conventions, and through personal sales. We have no desire to file a lawsuit against Doug Copeland at this time, we simply want him to respond to us so we can work this issue out. Until that occurs however, we do not consider his representation or use of our products to be legal.