Dangerous Biohacking Meetup

Get your ticket for the first annual experimental Dangerous biohacking meetup in Dallas, Texas, USA! The meetup is scheduled from the 17th (Thursday) to the 21st (Monday) of October 2024.

This is a ticket limited event. Only 15 people will be allowed to attend this experimental meetup.


What are you paying for?

The ticket you are paying for is simply a spilt of the cost of the two adjacent Airbnb houses Dangerous Things is renting and van transport.

– A place to lay your head down (beds are random, first come first served)
– Ground transportation while in Dallas (airport pickup / drop-off may or may not be feasible)
– We’ll be sharing two adjacent houses with at least one pool
– Exact location and details to be shared the first week of October

What costs do I need to cover myself?

– Food (shopping and cooking, going out, etc.)
– Transport to/from airport (we’ll try but can’t guarantee)
– Any additional entertainment / incidentals while in Dallas

The rules:

– Be cool / chill – we’re here to talk about biohacking
– Bring your curiosity, enthusiasm, and an open mind
– Open discussion by following the Chatham House Rule: Participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.
– Physical Safety: Ensure the venue is safe and comfortable for all attendees. Clearly outline any physical activities or demonstrations in advance.
– Encourage Participation: Foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable to speak and contribute.
– This won’t be a party scene. Keep things pretty close to sober, and don’t invite drama by getting out of hand.

The places:

Dangerous Things has reserved two adjacent Airbnb houses for this meetup.