flexMN (Magic NTAG + T5577)

The flexMN is a flex form factor Magic NTAG chip that can be programmed with a Proxmark3 to emulate several types of Ultralight and NTAG chips! It also contains a T5577 125khz emulator chip to handle emulation of the more common lower frequency cards, badges, and keyfobs. Working together, the flexMN is one of the most powerful and reconfigurable transponder implants available today!


More Details

WARNING This kit definitely contains dangerous things. The flexMN transponder has not been tested or certified by any regulatory agency for implantation or use inside the human body. Use of this device is strictly at your own risk.

The flexMN is a flex combination of a Magic NTAG chip and the T5577 chip. The Magic NTAG is a new kind of NFC chip emulator that is capable of emulating a huge number of NFC chip types in the Ultralight and NTAG family of tags. Now you can fully program the ID (serial number) and application memory in both ISO14443A and 125kHz chips a single implantable device with excellent performance and optional blinky lights too!


  • 0.4mm thin biopolymer, 33mm total diameter
  • 30mm Magic NTAG ISO14443A chip
  • Magic NTAG has 2″ (50mm) range with ACR122U
  • 15mm T5577 125kHz LF emulator chip
  • T5577 has 2.75″ (70mm) with RedBee LF reader

Chip emulation support

A list of NFC chips that can be emulated by the Magic NTAG chip

  • UL_EV1 48 bytes (Mifare Ultralight EV1)
  • UL_EV1 128 bytes (Mifare Ultralight EV1)
  • NTAG 210
  • NTAG 212
  • NTAG 213 (true)
  • NTAG 215 (true)
  • NTAG 216 (true)
  • NTAG I2C 1K
  • NTAG I2C 2K

Programming the Magic NTAG

Professional installation notes

Installation of a flexMN device should always be done by a professional. We do not presume to know better than your professional installer what the correct installation method for your body and desired implant location might be. Always defer to your installation professional’s opinion on placement and installation procedure.

  • Do not install under any gripping surface (e.g. no palm side installations)
  • Do not install atop or parallel to any joints (flex devices are only “semi-flexible”)
  • The flexMN’s construction gives the final product a slight warping effect. This can be used to your advantage by encouraging the flexMN to conform more easily to modest curves than a perfectly flat device.


If you choose to get a version with “blinkies”, there will be two LED modules, one on either side of the Magic NTAG chip. This is an example of a deep blue LED color.


Because of the cost and effort required to obtain the Magic NTAG chips to make the flexMN, we are choosing to make the flexMN in batches based on campaigns run periodically throughout the year. There is no target goal, just a time window during which backers buy into the batch. After the window closes, we stop selling the flexMN and concentrate on production.