QuickSafe RFID Vent Safe

This is the award winning QuickVent Safe! Disguised to look like a regular HVAC vent, the QuickVent stays hidden in plain sight in any home or office. With the QuickVent, your valuables are locked and secured while also readily accessible. Just tap your compatible chip implant (see below) to the sensor and the door will pop open. Package includes:

  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 2 RFID Cards
  • 1 RFID Key FOB
  • 1 RFID Token
  • 1 External Battery Pack
  • Compatible Implants

    The QuickSafe vent uses 125khz EM chips, and as such the following implants with T5577 emulator chips inside can work with the QuickSafe vent if programmed in EM mode;


    Demo video