Research Project – Booster

This project’s goal is to understand if it is possible to create a “booster” sticker that can be applied to readers with a weak or otherwise difficult to couple with antenna. Certain types of implants, particularly x-series implants, can sometimes have a difficult time being read by certain readers with problematic antenna designs. The idea is that a resonator could be designed that simply “rings” a good distance away from the primary coil (the reader antenna) and this could serve as a kind of coupling booster that reshapes the magnetic field, possibly concentrating it such a way that an implant could be coupled through the booster to the reader antenna.

The official project thread starts here.

Backers: 3
Raised: $110.10

What is a research project?

Research projects are crowdfunded development efforts, the goal of which is to see if something is possible, and how to produce it. Unlike a typical Kickstarter campaign, you are not pre-ordering a product by backing this project. By supporting research projects you are helping to further efforts to explore the possibilities which are being examined within the scope of the project. You support will generally be used to help pay for parts and the manufacturing costs associated with creating prototypes such as 3D prints and pcb parts production. Testing assumptions and verifying learned knowledge is what your support helps fund. Project details and progress are typically shared on the community forum, likely in a dedicated project thread.

Will I get a product if the project is successful?

As stated above, the point of a community backed project is to simply conduct research. No products will be shipped to you as a result of backing a research project. That said, if the research project results in knowledge and/or designs which directly relate to the creation and production of a product, as a backer you may receive a coupon code applicable toward such a product.