Titan sensing biomagnet

We are crowdfunding the Titan – a medical grade titanium encased biomagnet implant.


Campaign updates can be found on our Titan campaign forum thread!

The campaign has ended.

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More Details

Some years ago Dangerous Things worked with a 3rd party biohacking company to develop the m31 sensing biomagnet. This company decided to use Titanium Nitride (TiN), a well known medical device coating, which deposited onto the magnet’s surface. Our testing regimen at the time was not up to the task of accelerated surface breakdown simulation, so ultimately there were problems (video). We decided to part ways with this 3rd party, remove the m31 from the market, and independently continue looking for a solution. We spent years and many thousands of dollars trying different coatings, resins, application techniques, bonding methods, etc. but ultimately none of these worked in a fashion that would be suitable for permanent implantation.

Now cut to August 2020. Covid-19 precautions are still in effect and everyone is itching for something interesting to happen.. well, after some tactful prodding from our amazing community, we have negotiated a tooling and manufacturing deal to introduce the Titan – a medical grade titanium encased sensing biomagnet implant! Now the work begins to raise the capital to tool and order the first batch.


    • N52 grade neodymium iron boron magnet
    • 3mm diameter x 2mm thick magnetic disc
    • 4.5mm diameter x 2.8mm thick titanium casing
    • Lifetime guarantee for all backers

As you can see from the drawing above, the magnetic component of the Titan will be a 3mm diameter and 2mm thick NdFeB sintered disc with no coating (no nickel or gold, just pure magnet). That disc will be inside a machined Titanium casing creating a disc measuring 4.5mm in diameter and 2.8mm thick. The field strength will be N52 and Gauss measurements will be taken from encased and unencased magnets to compare strength. The top and bottom surfaces will have a titanium casing thickness that is limited to 0.4mm thick to encourage better lifting strength, even though the design is meant for sensing with high field strength and low mass for minimal inertia.

Stretch goal 1: Numbing Gel

Stretch goal 2: Custom laser etched monogram for your Titan!

Stretch goal 3: Gas plasma sterilization!

Lifetime guarantee

Your Titan biomagnet is guaranteed to never have a casing failure or mechanical breakdown of any kind. As long as it is installed in your body, the robust titanium casing will remain intact, keeping the magnetic core safe and secure. If you ever have problems with the manufacturing quality of your Titan biomagnet, like all Dangerous Things implantable products, you will get a free replacement. Even if, (FSM forgive), you get into an accident that damages your Titan biomagnet, return the chunks to us for a free replacement.

Loss of sensitivity

There are three primary causes for magnets to lose sensitivity – the ability for you to sense magnetic fields. Those causes are field strength decline, tactile nerve displacement, and corrosion.

Field strength decline
The magnetic field strength of a magnet can naturally decline very slowly over many many years, however total losses are negligible and certainly not detectable without extremely sensitive field strength meters. That said there are direct causes which can affect magnetic field strength, such as forcing like poles together or severe mechanical impact. Forcing like poles together so the magnets repel each other can result in what’s called hysteresis loss, though it requires a considerably stronger opposing magnetic force to regularly act on your magnet to cause any significant loss to occur, which is unlikely. Severe impacts can physically jostle the atomic structure of the magnet, causing some magnetic domains to change direction or realign differently, causing some loss. This is unlikely however since an impact significant enough to cause this kind of magnetic field loss should also result in a pretty mangled appendage as well, and you will have other things to worry about aside from a negligibly less strong magnetic implant. Furthermore, the losses incurred from these direct causes are still fairly negligible, particularly for this use case.

Tactile nerve displacement
Depending on the location of your magnetic implant, how your body heals, and how it develops scar tissue over time, you may begin to experience less tactile nerve activation over time as scar tissue slowly grows around the implant site, forcing tactile nerves further and further away from the implant. This does occur with some regularity, however it typically takes several years to be noticeable, and sensitivity loss is usually minor. More often than not, loss of sensitivity occurs due to corrosion of the magnet, either inside the encapsulation through or due to encapsulation failure.

Neodymium magnets contain a large amount of iron by volume, and iron is easily corroded by common elements such as oxygen and water. Magnet corrosion occurs when these elements become trapped inside during the encapsulation process, which can cause slow corrosive effect, or the encapsulation fails and allows corrosive elements to come into contact with the magnet. Catastrophic encapsulation failures are usually obvious, resulting in tenderness, discoloration of the skin, and a slight inflammatory response. Small failures however can take much longer to become obvious, resulting in a slow degradation of field strength without many external signs that something is slowly going wrong with the magnet. The Titan’s medical grade casing is guaranteed to never fail, and any loss of sensitivity one might experience over time will be due to scar tissue build up. The good news is, a professional can can still remove your Titan, clean it properly, and re-install it in a new location if you wish to regain full sensation.

Campaign Details

• Why not go with Kickstarter or Indiegogo?
I’ve done several successful campaigns on various crowdfunding platforms, but ultimately in the end you pay 10% – 12% of the campaign raise. The cost is so high for this production run that we want to try to conserve every possible dollar so we don’t need to raise even more just to cover fees.

• What if we don’t reach the goal?
You will get to choose between a refund or a partial refund and polymer coated magnet. Processors no longer allow refunds to also include processing fees, so if you choose “full refund” then you will get back your backing amount, minus any fees associated with processing your original payment. This typically is 2.9% + $0.30, or $14.80 for a total refund of $485.20. If you choose the polymer magnet option, you will receive a $250 refund and a flex biopolymer coated 3mm x 1mm m31 original magnet covered in ~0.2mm polymer on the top and bottom, with an approximate 6mm diameter.

• What about timeline?
Once we raise the goal, we can get started right away.

    – 6 weeks for tooling and materials
    – 2-4 weeks for production
    – 2 weeks for accelerated destructive testing
    – 1 week to finalize and ship

So the lead time is estimated to be around 11 to 13 weeks from the end of the campaign.

• What if the magnets fail testing?
Our first recourse would be to go back to the manufacturing facility with failure data and get them to create a new batch. Laser welded titanium encased devices are nothing new, it’s how many kinds of medical devices are made. If there are failures, it will not be because we are scouting new ground but because some part of the process has failed, and we will resolve it with the factory.

• What if the campaign succeeds but I want my money back before the product ships?
There will be no refunds if the campaign succeeds. At that moment, the funds will be allocated to the project and you’ll be in it for the long haul. Of course you could probably file disputes and try to fight for your money back, but you’d be a *&[email protected] for doing that and not only screwing us over but potentially every one else involved in the campaign.. and we would definitely publish your details on the wall of shame for doing so. We are committed to this campaign, so you should be too if you are backing it.

• What if I’m not happy with the end result?
We’re all taking a bit of a “leap of faith” on this one. Our goal is to produce the best possible biomagnet with the strongest possible field strength in a medical grade casing that will never ever fail. If you have any doubts about our goals or our commitment to deliver the best possible product, don’t back the campaign.

• Will the price come down in the future?
Because of the quirks of low volume manufacturing, there is a real chance that this is essentially a one-off. However there is also a good chance the campaign go well and we can leverage the tooling and good relationship with the factory to produce larger volumes for lower cost. If we can up the efficiency and volumes of the manufacturing process such that we can properly take advantage of economies of scale, lower priced Titan magnets are a distinct possibility. That is only going to be possible however if we succeed with this campaign and get through first batch and testing.

• Do I get special treatment as a Titan campaign backer?
Absolutely. As a Titan backer, you will be inducted into the Dangerous Things Hall of Fame. You will be given a 50% discount coupon code good for one year that can be applied to nearly all products in the DT store! This is not a one time use coupon.. you will get up to 50% off for most products on any order for a whole year! Obviously buying for friends or buying to resell goes against the spirit of the perk, and we may (at our discretion) need to have a chat with you regarding your use of the coupon before processing your purchase, but ultimately if you want to upgrade yourself with existing or new products we may come out with, the coupon might be very valuable for you. Coupon codes will be personalized and distributed at the end of the campaign along with the magnets.