NFC TAG203 Ring – Signature


The best of both worlds. Spin it one way to show off the technological power your finger now holds or spin it the other way for  fashionable flair.

This quality refined titanium band provides the perfect feel of metal on your skin, ideal for people switching from a metal ring who want to keep a similar look and feel bound to their finger.  The strong yet flexible Titanium material provides for the perfect ring to use in rough environments.

  • Transparent on one side, black on the other
  • Nickel-free Titanium Ring
  • Two separate TAG203 embedded NFC chips
  • Combined storage of 288 bytes
  • NFC zone colors: Black / Transparent
  • Comfort fit
  • Scratch resistant

Consider an NFC ring for your pinkie finger or thumb!

Unsure of your ring size? See the string/paper or existing ring sizing guides below:

Easy Ring Size String/Paper Test

Existing Ring Test

How to get started using your new NFC Ring!

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