x-series kit unboxing

Before you open your x-series kit, there are a few things you should know.

1) Do not open the polymer bag containing your x-series kit until you are ready to use it. Several items in the kit are kept within sterile packaging, however this packaging is very fragile. Permeable pouches or porous backing is designed to allow the sterilization process to penetrate the packaging and sterilize the object inside. This makes the packaging extremely prone to contamination. Simply handling the packaging can introduce oils and contaminants that breech the sterilization pouch and contaminate things inside. It’s best to leave the kit sealed in the poly bag until ready for use.

2) Most x-series injector pouches have a clear lot label affixed that shows the processing date and “expiration” date, or it may just have a single date stamped on it. If it just has a single date stamp, this is the date of sterilization processing, which is used to track lots and establish an estimated time after which the sterilization may be considered “expired”. When we say “expired”, it does not mean the product inside is somehow not going to work or has deteriorated, it simply means that through normal handling and storage, the pouches used to contain the injector assemblies may have become compromised enough that bacteria and other contaminants may have worked their way into the package. Industry standard dictates this date be 5 years after processing.

3) Find a professional! Even though we ship our kits direct to customers, we strongly suggest you find a professional to perform the installation. We continue to expand our network of partners, and we suggest you find one near you – dangerousthings.com/partners

4) If you cannot find a professional partner near you, please follow this guide.

5) Before installing your x-series transponder, be sure to read EVERYTHING on the product page (which you should have done before purchasing). There is plenty of information there, so take your time. Be sure to check out tag testing and range/performance expectations. There is also a FAQ you should also check out.