Chip Implants 101
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RFID and NFC ExpertChip implants are a type of passive RFID technology that allows a small computer chip with no battery or power source to be powered by and communicate with compatible readers using the magnetic field the reader generates. Because chip implants are small, the reader must be extremely close. This is why chips are typically placed in the hand so you can easily position your chip implant close to the reader.

Under the RFID umbrella there are a wide array of chip types, communication methods, features, and applications. There is no “one chip to rule them all”, but we have carefully chosen which chip implants to manufacture so they have the widest range of compatibility and features.

Chip Implant Product Matrix

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Chip implant productCHIP IMPLANT
Chip implant specificationsSPECIFICATIONS
Chip implant capabilitiesCAPABILITIES
VivoKey SparkChip implant 2mm x 12mm2mm x 12mm
xEMChip implant 2mm x 12mm2mm x 12mm
xNTChip implant 2mm x 12mm2mm x 12mm
NExTChip implant 2x142mm x 14mm
xBTxBT temperature sensing chip implant2.12mm x 13mm
xDF2Chip implant 3x13mm3mm x 13mm
flexNTChip implant flexNT8mm x 22mm x 0.4mm
flexDFChip implant flexDF7mm x 32mm x 0.4mm
flexDF2Chip implant flexDF27mm x 32mm x 0.4mm