NOV 25th-30th!
Do you like money? Of course you do! How about you keep some of it this year. If you’ve been thinking about getting a chip implant, magnet implant, or smart wearable then now is the time to consider saving some money! Get amazing deals on the following implant products and bundles at checkout with the coupon code CYBORG!

20% off our White hot xSIID NFC chip implant

The xSIID is an NFC chip implant WITH an integrated LED that lights up when the chip is scanned! We’ve found ourselves with an abundance of white xSIID, so we’ve decided to give an amazingly deep discount on it AND the white bundle which includes our popular xEM chip implant and great accessories for NFC data sharing, access control, and computer login applications – all at a great discounted price. On top of that, you get an extra 20% off all week with the CYBORG coupon code!! That means if you get the biggest bundle you save the most money!! Check out the White xSIID bundle!!!

20% off our flagship NExT dual chip NFC & RFID implant

The NExT chip implant is our single most popular implant because it has two chips inside a single injectable x-series implant! Not only do you get a 13.56MHz NFC Type 2 compatibility with ISO14443A reader devices and NFC enabled smartphones, but you also get the amazing 125kHz T5577 emulator chip that can be programmed to act like any one of a large collection of common low frequency chip types like EM, AWID, Indala, HID ProxCard, and more! Use coupon code CYBORG to get 20% off the NExT, including any add-ons like our Access Kit and Proxmark3 programming device! Go check it out now!

15% off Magic Ring wearable

The Magic Ring is a smart wearable with two different chips inside! One chip is a 13.56MHz Mifare chip you can copy certain types of classic Mifare access card ID serial numbers to, and the other chip is a 125kHz T5577 chip that you can copy almost every known 125kHz access card or key fob to! For Cyborg Monday week, we’re offering bundle pricing on the Magic Ring plus the Proxmark3 RFID tool you need to do the copying! We’re also including great bundle pricing on the optional Access Kit to enable computer login and custom access control applications! Not only that, but on top of the great bundle pricing we are offering an additional 15% off with the CYBORG coupon code! Are we insane? Probably.

20% off xG3 biomagnets!!

The xG3 biomagnet implant comes in axial (v1) and diametric (v2) magnetization styles. The v1 axial is better for sensing, while the v2 is designed for some serious lifting. This year for Cyborg Monday week we are offering 20% off this amazing magnet implant when you use the CYBORG coupon code at checkout. We’ve never offered such a low price for the xG3 so if you’ve been interested in magnet implants, you should take advantage of this great deal! But wait.. that’s not all!! The CYBORG coupon also applies to the Magneto bundle!!!

$70 off Titan sensing biomagnet!!

If you’re interested in expanding your senses to feel magnetic fields, the Titan is the world’s best implantable sensing magnet in the world. With a medical grade, laser welded titanium casing and lifetime warranty, you can’t go wrong with the Titan. We realize buying the best can also be too expensive, so this year we are offering an AMAZING $70 OFF at checkout for Cyborg Monday week with the CYBORG coupon code!! If you’ve ever considered getting a biomagnet implant, NOW IS THE TIME!