This discreet tool contains four re-programmable chips: two t5577 and two Magic MIFARE 1k Classic chips masquerading as a FOB. This allows it to store up to four different tags at once. Tags are only connected while a button is pressed. Buttons A and B are t5577 while C and D are Magic MIFARE. The FauxFOB comes in one of two flavors of Magic MIFARE: gen1a and gen2.


What can this product do?

Copy both LF and HF chip IDs to this product
Some types of HF and LF access control applications
Log into your computer with this product

What this product can’t do

Share data with NFC enabled smartphones
Can’t make payments with this product

Technical Specifications

125kHz T5577 RFID Chip

13.56MHz Magic Mifare 1k gen1a

13.56MHz Magic Mifare 1k gen2

  • Fully programmable 4 byte NUID Serial Number
  • Programmable with an Android phone using MIFARE Classic Tool

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