Ring return / exchange policy

The most frequent reason customers wish to return or exchange their purchase of a smart ring wearable is due to sizing problems. Please check your ring’s size before doing any programming to the chips within the ring. Any returns or exchanges must be done before any programming changes are made to the chips inside the ring.

Ring Sizing Problems

It is critical that customers accurately determine the correct size ring to purchase before placing an order. We have created a ring sizing guide to help determine the correct ring size before placing an order. A universal standard paper size does not exist, therefore we’ve created a US Letter size (8.5″ by 11″) version of the guide, and an international A4 size version of the guide. Print the appropriate size guide on your printer at 100% scale. Do not print using “fit to page” or any other setting which compresses the printed image.

Return / Exchange Policy

If you would like to return or exchange your ring for a new size, please contact us and include your order number, or simply reply to your order confirmation email.

• The ring must be clean and in excellent condition.

Rings must be returned in the excellent condition they were shipped so we may re-sell it.

• The chips inside the ring must be unchanged and not re-programmed.

Chips in the rings cannot have been reprogrammed and must be returned with original programming.

• To return or exchange your ring, you will be responsible for shipping the ring back to us.

We will provide shipping information once we confirm your return.

• If you are wanting to exchange your ring for a new size, you will be charged shipping.

Once shipping has been paid we will send your new size ring immediately.