Upgrade to the blinky life today!

The xSIID NFC chip implant with integrated LED is now available at a more affordable price! Now everyone can get some blink in their life!

Check out the new xSIID bundles!

Our new xSIID bundles give you the power to shine and get a 125kHz xEM chip implant with the awesome T5577 chip inside, and the Proxmark3 Easy RFID research tool needed to copy and clone certain types of 125kHz access cards, keyfobs, and work badges to your xEM implant. Scroll down to see some videos about how to use the Proxmark3 to clone things to your xEM chip implant!

The xSIID is an implantable NFC transponder which can be used with several different types of electronic door locks as well as

Proxmark3 videos