Only put the best in your body

We believe our bodies are our own, to do with what we want. Biohacking is the forefront of a new kind of evolution. The “socially acceptable” of tomorrow will be defined by boundaries pushed today, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

If you’re considering putting a product in your body, you’ll want the most well tested, safest implant possible. Our CEO Amal Graafstra still has a chip implanted in his hand that was installed in 2005, and been developing and manufacturing safe chip implant technology since 2010. Since launching in 2013, Dangerous Things has become the biggest consumer chip implant company in the world.

You get more when you go DT

When you purchase an implant product from us, we understand you are putting your trust and faith in us and our products. We honor that trust and always work to give you the best biohacker experience possible.

Reasons we’re the best

• We take testing seriously
• Fanatical customer service
• Amazing biohacker community
• Lifetime warranty for implants
• A ton of informational posts and pages
• Educational videos on our YouTube channel

Our products are amazing

• The xSIID is an NFC implant with an LED that lights up when you scan it! Who doesn’t like blinky lights?!
• The NExT is a combination NTAG216 NFC chip and a T5577 low frequency emulator chip you can clone certain fobs and badges to!
• The Proxmark3 Easy is an amazingly powerful RFID research and operational tool
• There are so many other amazing products we just can’t list them all here

Not sure which product to get?

Check out our community forum post that details which chips do what and how to get started! Click the link below to find out more.