RFIDuino Shield V1.2

Do you want to add the ability to read EM4100 tags to your Arduino project? Or maybe you’re just looking for substantial range? The RFIDuino shield just might be what you’ve been looking for.

The RFIDuino is based around the EM4095 chip and the provided library has a variety of examples to get you started. The shield has 4 Digital I/O and 4 Analog Inputs broken out to 3-pin RobotGeek connectors (Signal-VCC-Ground), a 4-pin I2C connector, and a snap-on XBEE socket (no XBEE module included) for wireless communication with other XBEE devices.


Testing with an installed flexEM showed reads at 2″ or 50mm and the injectable NExT came in at 1″ or 25mm. It can even read the flexEM through a solid wooden door with range to spare! While it’s more expensive and more involved to setup than the stand alone xEM Access Controller and it doesn’t come with a relay, the storage capacity of an Arduino (not included), the shield’s XBEE socket, and massive range will give makers far more flexibility and power for their projects.


Package Includes

  • RFIDuino Shield
  • RFIDuino Antenna
  • 20cm Connection Cable


  • Green and Red LEDs
  • Buzzer
  • XBEE Socket
  • 4 Analog Input Breakouts
  • 4 Digital I/O Breakouts
  • 1 I2C Breakout

Compatible Implants

Compatible Wearables