Card Pack

This collection of card equivalents for Dangerous Things products allows you to investigate use cases and compatibility without having to use or purchase an implant.

The pack contains:

  • T5577 Low Frequency Emulator
  • Magic Mifare 1kB gen1a
  • Magic Mifare 1kB gen2
  • NTAG216 888 bytes
  • DESFire EV3 8kB


More Details

T5577: This versatile chip allows the emulation of various low frequency, RFID chips allowing you to clone existing cards.

Magic Mifare: These allow you to clone existing Mifare 1k keys. Gen1a requires the use of a device such as a Proxmark to accomplish this while Gen 2 can be set with a smart phone.

NTAG216: Supports  NDEF storage for things such as URLs and contact information as well as some access control devices.

DESFire: Supports many powerful capabilities but is primarily opted for due to its huge (8kB) storage capacity.

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* DESFire product versions are approximate. The card is EV3 while the flexDF is EV1 and the xDF2 and flexDF2 are EV2.