Share information

Share information by scanning an NFC chip implant

Our NFC compatible chip implants can be used to store and share data, like your contact details. The information is written to the chip implant with an app like TagWriter or NFC Tools, and can be read by modern NFC enabled smartphones without any app at all. Simply let someone scan your NFC chip implant, and your contact details will go straight into their address book. Simple!


It is possible to store a URL in your chip implant so it will launch the browser at that URL on any phone that scans it. Make an impact! Send people to your resume, a secret webpage, a YouTube video, your Facebook or Instagram, or any website you want.


NFC chip implant options
There are a lot of types of information you can program into your chip implant to make it do various things when scanned.

  • Business Card – Store vCard contact details
  • Link – Launch any website URL when scanned
  • WiFi – Automatically connect to stored wifi network
  • Bluetooth – Automatically pair / connect to Bluetooth device
  • Email – Launch a new email with pre-populated message data
  • Telephone – Launch a call to the stored number
  • Geo – Store coordinates to launch maps app on scan
  • Launch App – Launch app or app store link on scan
  • Plain Text – Store any text.. a short poem perhaps?
  • SMS – Launch a new SMS with prepopulated phone number


NFC compatible chip implants